Urban Monroes at Darrington Bluegrass Festival

Hello Montana, we’re the Urban Monroes, a Pacific Northwest bluegrass band from Oregon. We wanted to introduce ourselves and say hi.

Coming up July 17th-19th we will be at the Darrington Bluegrass Festival, in Darrington, Washington. We’re a couple of hunderd miles closer to Darrington than you are, but it would still be a chance to meet each other part way!

This will be Washington’s 33rd annual answer to Telluride, more traditional than Telluride  in the bluegrass sense, but nearly as dramatic in setting. Darrington is surrounded by the Mt Baker National Forest and is less than an hour from North Cascades National Park. The Darrington Bluegrass Music Park sits at the base of Whitehorse Mountain, which is supposed to have been the inspiration for Bill Monroe’s Whitehorse Breakdown. (What could be more bluegrass than that?) The small town of Darrington is less than a two hour drive from Seattle, but it feels like a whole different planet. With more than 30 years of practice, the bluegrass festival is more than an institution there and it has taken its place as the granddaddy of all bluegrass festivals in the Pacific Northwest.

This year’s festival will feature three days of music from 14 bands and campsite jamming that will probably start days before the performances do. The Urban Monroes are very pleased to be performing there along with Dailey & Vincent and Dale Ann Bradley. So all of us in the Urban Monroes invite you to come on out and if you see us there, be sure to say howdy.

Urban Monroes contact-Fran Kent  urbanmonroes@comcast.net

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About Urban Monroes

Fashioned from the heart of tradition and infused with adrenaline, the Urban Monroes’ contemporary bluegrass style is an outgrowth of the combined skill of some of the Pacific Northwest’s finest talent. Possessing band member credits ranging from “record of the year” and “CD of the Year” to state bluegrass instrument champions, their musical experience circles the globe having taken them as far away as England and Scotland and even to Siberia…the long way. Three of the Urban Monroes four members have been featured on the Emmy award winning television show “Oregon Art Beat” and collectively they have opened for and shared the stage with the likes of Laurie Lewis, Ricky Skaggs, Iris Dement, Lee Ann Womack, Paul Delay and others. With Fran Kent- guitar and vocals, Matt Gray- banjo, Jason Mellow-bass and Jeff Shippy- fiddle, The Urban Monroes are a new tradition in contemporary bluegrass.

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  1. (this is Fran from the Urban Monroes)

    Fred, thank you so much for letting us all know that you and Emily will be there. It will be great to meet you. We’ll do some pickin’!!

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