Letter from the President

Well the 10th annual MRBA festival is behind us and it was a great success. We had a good turnout despite the great weather and the crowd stayed until the last band played their last song. As you all know the festival has two main purposes. The first is to get together and enjoy some great bluegrass music. The other is to raise money to support the activities of the association. We were very successful on both counts.

The bands who played throughout the day were great. The youngsters kicked off the festival and what a job they did. Some were polished performers and others were just getting started but they all played with enthusiasm.  Throughout the day, we were also able to enjoy several bluegrass styles and heard some old standards, some new songs and quite a few written by the performers themselves. I heard some comments that this festival was one the best so far.

Total receipts were $2436 and that was $1087 from admission fees, $201 from merchandise sales, $718 from food, and $345 from membership renewals. We had 7 new members sign up as well. The cost of food was about $300 so we made about $400 profit on the food. Thanks to all who donated food items for sale.

There are some people I want to thank for their efforts in making the festival a great success. First, I want to thank all the musicians who played at the festival without any compensation. Some travelled long distances at considerable expense to volunteer their talents, The festival would not be possible without their effort.

There are some other people I and the board of directors want to thank by name. First is Mike and Tari Conroy who rounded up all musicians and did a hundred other things to make the festival happen. John and Lois Malikie’s work started long before festival day. Their efforts were key to organizing the “business” end of things, getting the food ready and they worked tirelessly the day of the festival. Lela Shaffer, who is in charge of the merchandise, spent a lot of time getting together shirts, caps, bumper stickers and other items which promote the MRBA. She also worked tirelessly at the merchandise table on festival day. Raynae Redman organized the Kids in Bluegrass set. Forrest Clark, Mary Jane Cunningham, Roger Underwood and Kate McMahon worked the admissions and membership table throughout the day. Faun Treichel, John Redman and Mary Irwin worked in the kitchen. I’m sure there are other members who helped out but I failed to get their names. Thanks to them also. We even got great help from the folks in the audience who stacked all the chairs when the festival ended.

However, we could have used more volunteers in the kitchen and at the other tables. According to the old saying many hands make light work.

We have a lot of bluegrass events coming up on the calendar so I hope to see you at one down the road.

-Dallas Olson

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