Broken Valley RS host YMusic inaugural Jam-O-Philia

Hey y’all,

Broken Valley Roadshow is excited to host YMusic’s inaugural Jam-O-Philia on Friday, April 24th!

Jam-O-Philia activities will include:
– a band-scramble, in which spontaneous bands are created from a random pool of participants. EVERYone who wants to play and/or sing is invited!
– a performance and Q&A session with Broken Valley Roadshow
– a large, all-inclusive jam facilitated by Broken Valley Roadshow

Mark your calendar because Broken Valley Roadshow wants to jam with YOU!
What: Jam-O-Philia
When: April 24th at 7 pm
Where: Downtown Dance Collective, 121 W Main S, Missoula
Cost: FREE for all YMusic students. $5 for others

What is it? A community jam for all ages, all abilities, all instruments– hosted by the Broken Valley Roadshow. See you there!


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