4th Annual Bozeman Bluegrass Festival this weekend

4th Annual Bozeman Bluegrass Festival

4th Annual Bozeman Bluegrass Festival

From Matt Broughton, Bridger Creek Boys

I hope you can attend the 4th Annual Bozeman Bluegrass Festival…Saturday Oct. 16th @ the Emerson Ballroom
This years lineup is sure to impress:
The Growling Old Men (John Lowell, Ben Winship, and Dave Thompson)
Broken Valley Roadshow-6 piece traditional from Missoula
The Lil’ Smokies-6 piece newgrass from Missloula
The Bridger Creek Boys-4 piece from Bozeman
There will be food by LaTinga and Bozeman Brewing Co. beer available.
Tickets are available at Cactus Records for $13 and $15 at the door.  Doors open at 5 and the show starts 6ish.
Feel free to contact me with any questions
Your Friend in Music
Matt Broughton
The Bridger Creek Boys

1 thought on “4th Annual Bozeman Bluegrass Festival this weekend

  1. Matt,
    Great job with your 4th annual Bozeman Bluegrass Festival.

    What a great turnout and the bands all sounded HOT. The crowd sure did seem to be enjoying themselves. I highly recommend this festival to bluegrass lovers, especially the 30-something crowd who like to dance! The Big Dance floor off to the side like that was great and it was cool that it was full by the time the 2nd act got up to play. I couldn’t be more proud of our Missoula bands Broken Valley Roadshow and the Li’l Smokies and really enjoyed Growling Old Men and their Fish and Game music and your band, Bridger Creek Boys smoked it up with the closing act. You must’ve been exhausted by the end of the night, keeping the whole production together, running sound and MCing and all the behind the things involved in putting something like this on. GREAT JOB!

    The only downside for me was the lack of jamming. Maybe a jam room next year?

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