2019 Hardtimes Bluegrass Festival

As you may have heard. This year is sink or swim for the Hardtimes Bluegrass Festival located 10 miles south of Hamilton on July 26,27,28. After all was tallied last year, Tari and I lost $2000. We are rethinking our advertising, and have raised admission prices. If you would like to see the festival continue, please print off the Hardtimes Poster and put them up, invite your friends, and spread the word.. If it doesn’t float this year, it’s been 12 grand years of Bluegrass Fun.. Mike and Tari Conroy….

1 thought on “2019 Hardtimes Bluegrass Festival

  1. I have been doing my best to put posters around Salmon/ North Fork area. It not as easy as I thought but I’m persistent. It would be a great loss without Hardtimes bluegrass festival. I have had great fun! Thank you for all your hard work and effort. I am praying you make a bundle this time around!

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