Slow pitch jam follow-up

Hi Folks,  Thanks so much for attending and participating MRBA’s slow pitch jam, you all are great!  We were happy (again) for the super turnout.    Our goal is to get LOTS more people playing live bluegrass here in Missoula.  I had a chance to jam with some of you after the slow pitch and I know you guys rock (or grass)!

Here’s some follow-up info we promised:

The last jam in our winter jam series is at Ruby’s Sat March 10 same times (Meet and Greet at 2:00pm,  Slow pitch at 3:00pm,  Potluck 5:30, Jamming into the night).    Please come, and invite a friend or two, and stick around for good food and more jamming.

Our spring festival will be Sat April 14th at Lone Rock School near Stevensville.   Bands will  play every half hour from noon to 10pm and there will be lots of jamming going on all day and into the night.

Details on our Montana Rockies Bluegrass Association Facebook Page (Like Us!), and website

For those of you who like to have practice material, this was our song list from Sat, we changed some things on the fly but it should be pretty close.  Most of our songs came from Sue Malcolm slow pitch instructional books and CD’s.   These are not required for our MRBA jams but they are available for purchase from   These books are packed full of standards songs that would be welcomed at any bluegrass jam.

  •  I’ll Fly Away                                      A
  • Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms           A
  • Sweet Blue Eyed Darlin                     G
  • I’m Going Back to Old Kentucky         A
  • Gold Watch and Chain                       D
  • Long Journey Home                           D
  • Sitting Alone in the Moonlight             A
  • Angeline the Baker                            D
  • Long Journey Home                           G
  • Blue Night                                         D
  • Will the Circle Be UnBroken               G

Possible additions for next month are:

Jesse James C,  Ain’t Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone (C), Highway of Sorrow. (D)

Some other good bluegrass reference sites you might be interested in:,,

See you next month.


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