Looking for jams in Petty Creek

I live in Alberton (Petty Creek) and I am looking for some folks to jam with who lives in that area.  I play bluegrass, oldtime, and irish music on mandolin and fiddle.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at john@healthyasahorse.net thanks.

John Favro

1 thought on “Looking for jams in Petty Creek

  1. Hi John,
    Great to meet you at the Ruby’ jam last Saturday. Thanks for your help getting the ice together for the drinks.

    Hope you had fun at the jam.

    Curtis & sat in on a great jam on Sunday at the fundraiser for Harley and his Dixon Mellons. It was great fun and I told the Chris, there that we could setup a room at the Ruby’s jams just for Irish. It is such amazing music.

    So we’ll have an Irish jam room at the next Ruby’s jam and potluck. Since the irish jams are slightly different in that the fiddle seems to play throughtout the entire song(s) and of course the flutes and whistles and hand drum. I’ll make sure we mark he room for the Irish jam very clearly at the Ruby’s jams. That way everyone can be happy playing their style of music.

    I’ve heard that blugrass musc was derived from Irish. Bill Monroe just put his own spin on things and named it after his band the Bluegrass Boys.

    Looking forward to the next jam at Ruby’s on Jan 9!!!!

    See ya there.

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