New Website release

Dear Members,

When Ben asked me to do a little write-up for the Newsletter about the new website that I’ve been working, I assumed that the Newsletter would go out on Jan 1st.  Imagine my surprise when I received the newsletter in the mail this week.  Well, as you have figured out by now.  The new website is NOT online yet. … best layed plans…

If you’ve arrived here before Jan 1, thank you so much for coming by to try out the new site.

The next 2 weeks are dedicated to beta testing the site and the more testers the better.  Thank you very much for coming here to help out with this step.  Your feedback will be crucial to getting everything as good as possible.  The site will be changing continually over the next 2 weeks.   I’ll keep you posted with comments here when I make changes.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Now to get started beta testing go ahead and Register on the site.  After you’ve registered, I’ll setup your rights to be an “Author”.  That means that you will be able to contribute articles on the site.  This may take me a few minutes (especially if it’s in the middle of the night).  Once that’s complete, you can Post Articles.

Ok…. let’s hit it … 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a Register.

Your trusty Webmaster,
Phyllis Erck