Zurich – Weekend Campout – May 1, 2, and 3

We are having our 3rd annual jam/campout at Zurich Park on May 1, 2, and 3 this year.  We’ve had an excellent turnout the first two years with folks coming from the Billings area, Livingston, Helena, Glasgow in addition to around the Chinook/Havre/Harlem area.  We have been blessed with nearly perfect weather the first two years, but there is a large pavillion we have rented at the park in case we have some bad weather.  It’s heated with a stove as well as a large fireplace.  Steve Hughs ramrods this event.  He can be reached at 406-353-2655.

Zurich Park is located approximately 32 miles east of Havre just off U.S. Highway 2 (approximatley 2 miles north of the highway) in the beautiful Milk River Valley of Northcentral Montana.  It’s a very nice park with plenty of places to camp.  There are motels in Chinook and Havre for those who do not wish to camp.

So, come on over and join us…  It’s not all that far…  Shoot, Missoula is only about 100 miles from Montana.  🙂


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