Zoo Grass review

Check out the live interview Alanya’s report at Citizen Journalism about Zoo Grass and Missoula bluegrass.


Last month, Missoula hosted its first ZooGrass festival at the Top Hat lounge downtown.

The event on Saturday, Sept. 24, featured a potluck, a family-friendly environment, an open-pickin’ circle, and, mainly, hours of live music.

Live bluegrass has recently taken hold of the music scene in Missoula, with its upbeat energy, foot-stompin’ beats, and a stage full of strings. But what is it about this genre that has become such a large part of the Garden City’s nightlife?

In this audio feature, Jed Nussbaum of stompgrass phenomenon Dodgy Mountain Men, folk singer-songwriter Britt Arnesen, and event organizer Skye Berns discuss the allure of bluegrass in Zootown.


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