14th Annual Montana Fiddle Camp

Fiddle Camp at Montana
by Sive Iver

14th Annual Montana Fiddle Camp sponsored by the Montana State Oldtime Fiddlers Association will have their first week on June 7 to June 12 and the second week will be from June 14 to June 19, 2009. All music lovers coming from different age group will enjoy the camp.

In 1963 a group of musician decided to create a group where musicians had a venue to show their talents and to teach others about their music. This was how MSOTFA (Montana State Oldtime Fiddlers Association) was created. The group provided for activities and educational opportunities that all music lovers can attend regardless of what they were.

Monarch, Montana will be the home for the Montana Fiddle camp. It is a friendly community that is located at the heart of the mining valley of Montana. In the middle of this tranquil and beautiful serene the musicians and students can have a venue to learn more about their music. They will get to experience the big blue skies, crystal clear water and fresh mountain air that the month of June usually brings to the mountains.

The camp will have professional and talented instructors what will give lectures at classes and workshops with venues that are intimate and beautiful. Not only are the instructors talented and qualified to teach but the environment that you will be surround in will greatly help you learn more about music. Music is best learned and created when you are surrounded by the beauty that nature gives us.

The lectures will be of different instruments like the fiddlers, guitar and mandolin players and contra dancing. There will also be different genres or styles of music in the classrooms and workshops. These styles are the Cajun, Celtic, Texas, Canadian, Appalachian, bluegrass, and western swing. The instructors will then organize a nightly concert of their talents and the students music. With all the different styles the camp will provide it might teach you a thing or two about the other genres of music.

About the Author:
Sive Iver has created a business with crafts he made by attended some Montana Craft Shows. Attending some Montana Craft Fairs have added to his income.

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