Broken Valley RS host YMusic inaugural Jam-O-Philia

Hey y’all,

Broken Valley Roadshow is excited to host YMusic’s inaugural Jam-O-Philia on Friday, April 24th!

Jam-O-Philia activities will include:
– a band-scramble, in which spontaneous bands are created from a random pool of participants. EVERYone who wants to play and/or sing is invited!
– a performance and Q&A session with Broken Valley Roadshow
– a large, all-inclusive jam facilitated by Broken Valley Roadshow

Mark your calendar because Broken Valley Roadshow wants to jam with YOU!
What: Jam-O-Philia
When: April 24th at 7 pm
Where: Downtown Dance Collective, 121 W Main S, Missoula
Cost: FREE for all YMusic students. $5 for others

What is it? A community jam for all ages, all abilities, all instruments– hosted by the Broken Valley Roadshow. See you there!


New Missoula bluegrass band

I just ran into Cameron at Break Espresso this morning.  I’m stoked to hear that he’s formed a new band.  The band consists of Cameron (mando), Matt Cornette (banjo), Pete, Matt’s roommate from NJ (guitar) and Andy Dunnigan (dobro).    This should be a great new collaboration for the Missoula area bluegrass fans.  I can’t wait to see them myself.  Cameron said they would try and make it out for our next in the Winter Jam Series at Ruby’s on Valentine’s Day.

Andy is the 19 year old son of John Dunnigan, a great musician from Whitefish.  I’ve played with John over the years when our bluegrass skiing group “Thickly Settled” played at the Whitefish Resort, “the ski resort formerly known as Big Mountain”.  We saw Andy sit in with his Dad a couple of years ago and he already had some great dobro chops at age 17.  Andy is going to school at the U now and has been playing around with a few of the local younger bluegrass musicians.  He did some great dobro work on his Dad’s latest CD, “Jack’s Guitar”.  Another great musician born and raised in Montana!

I told Cameron about our Valentine’s Day jam at Ruby’s and he said they would definitely try to be out for that.  Cameron is a blast to play and sing with.  He said Pete’s a great singer too.  Not sure who’s playing bass.  Of course we all know the great banjo player Matt Cornette from Broken Valley Roadshow.

The new band doesn’t have a name yet, but they will definitely be something to watch for.