2 thoughts on “Our april 22 Festival

    • It will be at the Lone Rock School, northeast of Stevensville, MT on Eastside Hwy (State Hwy 203) , if you are heading north on Eastside Hwy, (**As a reference point** – “approximately 7 miles from the intersection with the road going into Stevensville”), you will be forced 90 degrees east, go one mile, then forced 90 degrees back north. One mile north from that last 90 degrees north, turn east on 3 Mile Creek Road. Approximately, 7 miles basically straight east, you will be making a 90 degree turn back north. Lone Rock School is inside that left hand 90 degree turn. Bands start playing at noon and run for 20 to 25 minutes each. There will be great food available for purchase there.

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