Just who is this Mr. Ba?

Here’s another MRBA member, Ted Lowe, signin’ up. 
Pinegrass at the Tophat

Pinegrass at the Tophat

Well, Pinegrass finally got in the paper, and we weren’t in the Irish sports section this time!  Beginning January 9th, we’ll be starting at a new time of 9 pm, so come on down and tell Mr. Garr you like the earlier time;  We sure will!


I hope to see a lot of you out and about on First Night.  Richie Reinhardt, Bill Neaves and I will be playing at The Break Espresso at 7. 

Over ‘n out,


1 thought on “Just who is this Mr. Ba?

  1. Great to hear about your new schedule at the Top Hat. It’s also good news that the Top Hat is smoke-free after 8pm. We’ll definitely be coming out to see you guys on Tuesday nights at this new time.

    I couldn’t find the article that someone wrote in the Missoulian about you guys. I heard it was a good one. If you can get a copy it would be great to have it up here for everyone to read.

    It was fun picking with you on First Night. Thanks for coming over to Higgins Plaza and joining our jam.

    Who’s the mandolin player in the picture?

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