Good Medicine Jam – June 25-28 in Jefferson City

The annual Good Medicine Jam is on again this year. It is in Jefferson City, 17 miles south of Helena.

For all the information on this jam check out their website at

username: goodmedicine
password: fiddle

For information and to RSVP got

1 thought on “Good Medicine Jam – June 25-28 in Jefferson City

  1. A follow-up comment from Barb Piccolo:

    I you’re going to attend the Good Medicine jam please fill out the RSVP (on their website) if you’re for sure going.

    The Sims provide a wonderful feed for the group and would like to have a basic count. People can still come at the last minute as well, but some kind of idea is great. No one will be turned away. Also be sure to introduce yourself to Mike and John, the hosts.

    The Parlour Picker Picnic is a provide for yourself on food and crashing and there is tons of room so come one come all musicians and friends. The more the merrier!

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