Deer Lodge Jam, Saturday, January 24th

The Deer Lodge Jam will be held Saturday, January 24th. The jam will be held at Bill Anderson’s house, 604 Washington Street, Deer Lodge. Plenty of room for three jams. Jamming starts at noon with a spaghetti feed later at $5.00 a plate. Bring your chair. Contact Sharf’s Motel (406-846-2810) or Western Big Sky In (406-846-2590) for reservations. Breakfast on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. Call Bill at 406-498-6621 or email at All lovers of bluegrass music invited.


1 thought on “Deer Lodge Jam, Saturday, January 24th

  1. What a great pickin’ party. I didn’t arrive until after 10pm but the jamming was going strong in 2 seperate rooms.

    I didn’t get any pictures but I hope Mike will post the one he took of my sister, Paisley Gray who was visiting from Seattle.

    Thanks for another great Deer Lodge Pick, Bill!

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