Bill Molenda had a stroke

I”m sorry to report that Bill Molenda suffered a stroke yesterday.  Here’s a report from Mike and Tari:

Bill Molenda had a stroke today while out puttering in his yard and his brother-in-law saw right away something was wrong from across the field.

Verna got him to the hospital immediately, they have determined that it wasn’t a bleed stroke but small clot type. He has been taken to ICU for the night after spending the afternoon in the ER. They will monitor him while being on heperin and do more tests tomorrow. Verna has two of her four kids with her as well as one of the grandkids and another daughter is enroute tonight. She has lots of company and is holding up pretty well. We got to see Bill and talk to him, at this time it has affected his right side. Movement of his arm and leg has returned but some of his speech is slow and slurred. Frustrating for him. Say a prayer, keep them all in your thoughts and we’ll try to update when we know more. Mike & Tari

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  1. update:

    as you know- bill molenda had a stroke yesterday…verna just called with a update…. bill’s speech is getting quite a lot better this morning…his right side is working but still has a little wierdness in his right arm… they did more tests and are waiting for results… mike and tari

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