Bill 598 – Contact your Rep!

The musician exemption has passed the house but still has to go through the Senate….see below from Adam Nordell of the AM String Band:

A change in our state’s employment law several years ago classified all temporary, hired performers as employees – the venue hosting the performer is required to pay workers comp, and withhold state taxes on the performers payment as of 2005.  This spells a huge increase in paperwork and cost for venues and promoters, and means much less live music in Montana.  Sam Porter has suggested he might slash in half the number of shows he promotes; smaller promoters and venues may be unable to hire performers at all.  House Bill 598 will exempt musicians from these requirements if it passes in the Senate.  You can read more about the whole deal here .  Please contact the Senate Committee on Business, Labor and Economic Affairs to voice your support for House Bill 598.


Adam Nordell

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