About Black Mountain Boys

BMB consists of 6 members, Larry Wade (Guitar/Vocals), Jack Piippo (Guitar/Vocals), Roy Gruse (Bass), Jesse Brown (Fiddle), Caleb Dostal (Banjo), and Jeff Campfield (Mandolin). The band was originally organized by Raynae Redman (now of Idaho) and was called Cuzin' Raye and the Bluegrass Boys. Specialized in "Kids in Bluegrass" format, the band plays Tuesdays at Wheat Montana (3rd and Reserve, Msla) with the "kids" at 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM with the band playing from 6 Pm to 8 PM. It is a family show playing primarily traditional Bluegrass. Our focus is to entertain the audience and love to interact with them throughout the evening. Come have some fun with us. Call Larry Wade at 549-7880 wade2005@montanascabbards.com Jack Piippo at 499-0360 email at piippo@blackfoot.net

Jack Piippo update

Jack is now back home at Seeley Lake. He is doing really well. His speach has improved and is now able to walk with the aid of a cane. He has really enjoyed all the support that all of you have provided. He is working hard on his recvery and hopes to be playing and singing soon. Thanks again for all the support,

Larry and All the Black Mountain Boys.

Piippo update 11/11/09

Just wanted to update everyone. I will post an update as often as I can. They have Jack up and trying to walk. He still has limited use of his right arm, but they are using things to stimulate those muscles. He will probably be in the rehab center for 3-4 weeks. Thanks for all your love and support. Keep him in your prayers. Jack will have his first outing on 11/17/09 to Wheat montana in Missoula . Hope you all can be there. Larry
PS: Jacks daughter writes the updates and I pass them along. Thanks Nichole!!

Jack Piippo 11/9

Jack is at Providence Rehab Center. They have asked us to limit his visitors to evenings from 4-7 p.m. He wears out easily and will be in therapy all day. People have asked how they can help. We did set up a pay pals account through my mom’s email at piippod@blackfoot.net. Don’t feel like you have to donate, praye…rs are great! They don’t have insurance so we are trying to come up with some fundraising ideas.

Black Mountain Boys Looking for musicians

The Black Mountain Bluegrass Band is looking for fill in musicians when our main players are out of town or unvailable.  We would like to put together a list of players that would be willing to set in on Tuesdays or other gigs as needed.  Any fiddle, bass, mandolin, banjo, dobro and guitar players would be welcome to get on the list.  We usually know a week or two in advance of the date needed.  Please send your information to Larry Wade  549-7880 or email: wade2005@montanascabbards.com or Jack Piippo 499-0360 or email: piippo@blackfoot.net.